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Unwind relax

Lately life has been given me plenty of reasons to need to unwind. Whether it’s been school, work, or personal, I’ve just been discovering countless stressors. SO ! For all you busy bodies who’s also been thrown curveball after curveball lately, maybe you could take something fro this and de-stress a little yourself !

  1. Take a Lush bath. As great as a normal bath usually is, Lush baths are just that much better. The colours, the scents, the bubbles (sometimes)…. Lush really knows how to do a bath bomb. If you, for some psychotic reason, have not yet experienced a Lush bath bomb, STOP READING RIGHT NOW. GO TO YOUR NEAREST LUSH, BUY ONE, AND TAKE A BATH.
  2. Hang out with friends. I’m sure we all know that friends are one of the most important factors of life. Take a break from what you’re doing and just be with people. Talk, laugh, interact. Being around the right people really will help get your mind off of whatever it is that’s weighing you down.
  3. Take a “me day”. This one contradicts the last point a little, but take a “me day”. A “me day” is a day you spend… well… alone. But not studying or working …. just take sometime and do what you love. For me, a good “me day” is going to a favourite (or new !) cafe, grabbing a good drink and just… chilling out. Whether that means reading a book, tumblring, blogging, listening to music, or people watching. Just having some time to yourself really helps with unwinding.
  4. Working out. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking “girl… I am already SO tired… why the hell would I work out?” Well… LEMME TELL YOU. First of all, I feel you. I for one am no where close to being a gym rat. Actually, on the contrary, I am pretty much one of the laziest girls you’ll ever meet. But recently I discovered that sweating and working out has been a great release for me ! Put on that Diplo TWRK Vol. 3 (thank you @janicefong), and SQUAT THAT BUTT LOW. Not to mention all the endorphins that are released when you workout. It actually helps SO much.
  5. Taking a LONG walk. As lazy as I am sometimes, one thing I will always be down to do… is just walk. I often walk back home from work which is about a 4 km walk (according to google maps) and takes me about 45 minutes to an hour. It was tough at first but it’s quickly become one of my most-loved de-stressing rituals.
  6. Jamming the f**k out. Throw on your favourite tunes, whip out the air guitar/drums/mic, and dance and sing like you’ve never before. LAME I know, but it works.
  7. Lazy day in. This one is pretty self explanatory. Buy snacks, stay in bed, watch netflix. BOOM. Stress gone.
  8. Exciting night out. Other times you need the exact opposite as number 7. Maybe you’re the type that needs to have a wild night out. Get drunk and dance the night away.
  9. Doing yoga. MMMM love this one as well. Something about doing yoga is so amazingly relaxing and meditative. It really helps clear your mind, body, and soul of all tension. Took me a while to really get the hang of letting loose when I do yoga, but now that I know I can, it’s the best.
  10. RETAIL THERAPY. Last, but most DEFINITELY not least…… This one seems to work every time. Unless your stressing about money… then maybe don’t do this. But GIIIRRRRL, go out and buy yourself something nice. You deserve it.

Hope this gave you some ideas of how to just relax if you’re freaking out about something. I know these are pretty typical and basic, but it’s nice to see it all in a list sometimes. Do one.. or all ten. Whatever it takes !

Until next time,

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