With a good third of our lives been spent at work, it’s pretty vital that you pick the right career. Of course, things are a little different to how they use to be back in the good old days, and we often don’t end up in the field that we started in. This isn’t such a bad thing though because it offers us a lot of flexibility and the opportunities to create a career that is something that we will truly adore.


One way that you can contribute to creating a career that you will love is to seek out a promotion. In fact, this is what a lot of people in their 20’s spend their time doing.

You may wish to seek out promotion within the company you are in, or you can move to another business if they are offering you more responsibility. Just be sure that the rewards are in line with this, else you will be taking on more, and working harder for less, which isn’t going to work out well for you in the long run.

In fact, the only time that this might be an option to consider is if you need the role on your CV to progress even further, then you can use it as a stepping stone in your career path.


Next, to love your career, you need to work in the right environment. Happily, there are a few things you can do to ensure this. The first is to change companies because sometimes even just a swap from working in a big open plan office to a small individual space can make all the difference.

The second tactic to consider is to retain for a career that will allow you to work in your favourite type of environment. For example, you may decide that you like the competitive atmosphere of the stock market and retain in a subject that allows you to pursue this.

Alternatively, if you love working in the great outdoors, you could aim for a position with national forest service using GIS courses that are available online. Of course, as the latter are available online, it can make the retraining process even easier to complete because you can work at your current job while you are studying for a qualification that will help you achieve the new one.

Location freedom

Lastly, it may be that being stuck in one environment, no matter how lovely is just not going to work for your career. Luckily, that is where embracing location independence comes in.

Location independent, or becoming a digital nomad as its often know means having a steady job, usually freelance, and travelling the world while you work.

The advantages are evident for those for who travel is in the blood because it allows you to see the world and spend your downtime ticking things off your bucket list, while still earning a decent wage. Something that an make it an excellent career choice for those with an unquenchable wanderlust.