Australia is one of the most-visited countries in the world, and there are many good reasons why that should be the case. There is so much that this vast continent has to offer, and it’s likely that you might find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed if you are trying to figure out where to go first and what to see most of to begin with. However, as long as you are thinking about it, you will get there. There are actually a number of things which you might not be fully aware of until you have visited the Australian continent, and we are going to take a look at some of those things!

Nowhere Does Better Seafood

Given its position and the fact that it is an island, you wouldn’t be surprised to discover that there is plenty of good quality seafood in Australia. But there is knowing that, and then there is visiting the place and actually trying the seafood. For one thing, it’s massive: if you are currently residing pretty much anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, you won’t have come across prawns as big as Aussie prawns. But it’s not just the size – it is also incredibly delicious, even if you are just buying relatively cheap seafood from the local supermarket. And when you do treat yourself to fresh seafood by the sea in a nice restaurant, you will have seafood the likes of which you wouldn’t believe. This incredibly food is something that draws people back and back again and again, and it’s not hard to understand why once you have tasted it.

Sport Is A National Obsession

Although there are many sports fans around the world, not many places do it quite like Australia. The Australian people are especially keen on many different kinds of sports, and it is this variety which can be particularly impressive when you visit Australia for the first time. Whether it’s the rugby – a particular favourite for a true Aussie – or the world-famous annual Australian Open—there is so much opportunity to get involved in the world of sport, that you might find it a little overwhelming at times.

Finally, you will have heard that Australia is big on surfing, and this is one of those occasions when the stereotype is absolutely true. If you have never tried surfing, this is definitely a place to do it. Of course, it can be dangerous for tourists who are not used to the strong currents, and that is something which you should bear in mind. But as long as you take care, there is nothing wrong with trying out this national pastime, and it will make you feel like a true Aussie if nothing else.