Really have been appreciating the garden we have in our apartment complex because it’s given me the opportunity to shoot outfits without technically leaving the comfort of my home. I know that sounds lazy but for me it’s more so just about efficiency and maximizing my productivity. But I won’t lie, it’s definitely also partly because some days I just don’t feel like leaving home.

Summer has been in full swing in Vancouver, and it’s the best feeling. We’ve been having a mild heat wave here and although I’ve been hearing tons of complaints about it, I secretly am thriving. I think ultimately it just boils down to concluding that I belong in a very warm environment. SoCal here I come?

As the longest day of the year has come and gone, I’ve already been thinking about where I should fly to in October once the temperature starts to drop. Definitely some where hot—maybe Hawaii, or maybe Malibu. I’m not going to be able to resist chasing summer this year.

 Aritzia bralette, Urban Outfitters Romper, Aritzia Bag, and Forever21 Sandals.

Promised myself that I would try to be more girly this summer. I think this purchase was my desperate attempt to keep that promise to myself. I actually love everything about this romper—the tie-front, how it hugs your waist but then flows down, and the fabric… is phenomenal. Urban Outfitters has created quite a few rompers, jumpsuits, and tops in this super soft fabric, and I just want to collect them all. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, seriously go into a store and just touch this romper. You’ll instantly understand.


Angel Zheng