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Cold Days In New York

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Realized that there were still some shots from New York that I haven’t shared with you, so here’s more of my NYC adventure from December!  The last day that we were there, the weather took a downward spike and got REALLY cold. I definitely wasn’t prepared for the cold, but thankfully I purchased this Uniqlo […]

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6 Attributes To Master To Move Up In Your Career*


No matter what industry you’re in, it’s likely that you have ambitions of climbing the career ladder. After all, this is how you can increase your responsibilities, boost your salary, and accomplish more. But how do you go about achieving this? Before you take on more responsibility, you should first work on yourself and make sure […]

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JJ Bean Olympic Village

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Since I’ve started to work remotely, I’ve been wandering all around Vancouver to find coffee shops to work out of. My favourite thing about not being required to go to an office is being able to switch up my work environment whenever I want. But the coffee shop hunt has not been easy. There are […]

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3 Tips For Frugal Travellers


Whether you’re low on funds from the holiday season or you’re just very sensible with your money and you’d rather not blow it all on a big trip, the lifestyle of a traveler might be something that seems out of reach for you. However, seeing the world doesn’t necessarily be costly. What most people don’t […]

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Should You Cycle Your Way to Fitness?*

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If you’re looking for a way to improve your fitness, cycling could be the way forward for you. There are some things you should understand about using cycling as a form of exercise, as well as some considerations that will need to be made. With Vancouver becoming increasingly more accomodating towards cyclist, I thought it would […]

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