As much as I love learning new things and challenging myself, I am eternally grateful that I have finally finished school! But as someone who’s been to school full time, I understand the struggle we all feel every September when it’s finally time to head back.

I discovered some products this summer that I really wish I had known about while I was still in school—so this one goes out to all the students!

Here are my top 5 products that you need this back to school season.

Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser*

I find that every time fall comes along, my skin just decides it’s a good idea to shrivel up and die and I develop sebum bumps on my forehead and chin. This happens every time there’s a drastic change in weather between seasons but it’s especially bad between summer and autumn.

I started using the Jack Black Glycolic Facial Cleanser as a face mask a little while back and have been using it once or twice a week as a mask rather than as a cleanser. And yes, this is okay (it says so on the back of the packaging).  The clay helps the mask stay on your face and suck out all the nasty, dirty stuff that accumulates throughout the day. This guy is also gentle enough that it doesn’t strip my skin of any more oils than it needs to.

On days I feel like my skin is looking a little dull and I’m finding more sebum bumps on my forehead, I’ll apply this mask 5-10 minutes before I hop in the shower and just wash it off once I’m in there. It’s a super quick and easy process which is great for someone who usually hates spending time doing masks. 🙌🏽

STIL Classics

I can’t explain to you how obsessed with this agenda I am. I was using my Leuchtrum bullet journals as weekly agendas before this. I love the creativity that writing or planning on bullets give you. I still use my bullet journals every day for idea planning and meeting notes but my STIL Classics agenda has definitely taken the lead in the actual agenda front.

My favourite aspect of this journal is actually NOT the design (although it is every minimalists’ wet daydream) but the amazing weekly layouts. Each month starts off with a goals and to-dos page and then a monthly view and weekly views.

Here’s the part that gets me excited: It has two separate layouts for each week. One is a checklist (with checkboxes and everything!) for each day of the week. As someone who likes to write to-do lists in my agenda, this is a genius idea to me. They also provide you with a week-at-a-glance layout that has the days divided into different time frames; Morning, Day, and Night. THIS is great because it shows me my weekly schedule and I can quickly look at which time slots I’m busy and which time slots I’m free. How AMAZING is that? I am a stationery lover so this stuff is right up my alley (hence the excitement).

CaseApp Cases*

Without rhyme or reason, I found that I dropped my phone the most often when I was in school. In the lecture halls, in my labs, in the hallway, in the caf…somehow my phone was always the first thing to slip out of my hands. I mainly purchased cheap phone cases all throughout high school and university (b***** please, spend $60 on a phone case? How about NO) but most of them have been huge let downs and did not protect my phone from the drops.

Dropped screens are a lot more expensive than a $60 phone case.

CaseApps recently reached out to me and sent me 2 of their customizable phone cases and MAN…I would’ve saved myself a lot of money and trouble if I had one of these babies during school.

I chose the “Tough” case for my iPhone 7+ and it wraps around the entirety of my phone perfectly and has raised edges to protect it from front drops. They’ve also got loads of designs to choose from as well as a customizable option where you can choose to print any image of your choice, in either matte or glossy, onto a phone case and get it shipped to you!

Most of their cases are only $34 each which is a STEAL for the styles and protection that it provides. I, of course, had to pick out a palm leaf one and a grey-coloured design because it’s me and everyone knows I can’t stay away from either of those prints.

If you want to try out any of their cases or create you own, you can use ‘SPEAKOFTHEANGEL20’ for 20% off until October 10! 

Lush Mouthwash Tabs*

These are a lifesaver mainly because on countless occasions I’ve ran out of my house, forgetting to brush my teeth beforehand. Don’t lie, we’ve all been there. My professors took attendance extremely seriously so I was NOT about to sacrifice some grades for fresh breath.

Thankfully with these babies, I won’t have to.

These are also amazing for traveling as well. All you have to do is chew the tab and then rinse your mouth out with water. And VOILA! Mouthwash on-the-go. 

Bobbi Brown Contour and Highlight Sticks

I’ve pretty much retired my powder bronzers ever since I purchased these sticks in the middle of summer. They are a dream to apply and blend and give me so much more precision with my contour. I’ve been using them every single day since I’ve picked them up and they’ve already jumped to the top of my holy grail items list.

Save yourself the trouble of ordering KKW beauty contouring sticks and just pick up these babies instead. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

What are your back to school necessities?

Until next time,