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School is in full swing and my 8am lectures are definitely starting to wear me out. I swear I’ve been giving myself less and less time to get ready in the morning, which means my outfits have been getting more simple by the day. Which is totally fine by me because typically the more simple the outfit, the comfier it is. I have been catching myself online shopping for sweater dresses and other cozy one pieces that I can just throw on and go. One piece that I’ve been searching for for a while is a oversized sweat-shirt that I can wear as a dress. Fortunately Bench has got me covered because they just launched a sweat-shirt dress with their new Fall line and it is exactly what I was looking for. 




If there was ever a time to say “I literally can’t even”, this would be it. This dress is the epitome of back-to-school comfort and I see the danger of over-wearing this during the school year. But thankfully it’s actually a cute piece along with being cozy, and I think I could actually style this a couple different ways so it doesn’t seem like I’m wearing the exact same thing every single day. 

I can see this dress coming in handy during midterms/finals season because it’ll be a no-brainer outfit that I can even sleep in! And that, my friends, is a MAJOR KEY to exam season success. 


img_5035 b3-copy


You can find the Bench sweatshirt dress here ! It also comes in a dusty blue colour that I feel like I should probably cop as well. If you’re wondering about sizing, I actually went up a size in this dress so that it’d be EXTRA over-sized and sleeping-bag like. I’m 5 feet 8 inches tall and weigh about 125 lbs and I went with a medium in this dress. Hope that helps if you’re planning to order online!     

So that’s all for today! Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

More soon, 


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