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I think ever since Gossip Girl came into my life, I’ve had a love for preppy styles. Although typically, the girls in GG are carrying handbags that are way WAY out of my price rangeβ€”when Beara Beara reached out to me, I was pleasantly reminded of my high school dreams of going to a private school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 

Beara Beara carries quality leather bags in classic preppy styles. When I was checking out I noticed that they offer engraving services. You can choose between a gold embossing or just regular embossed engraving. And I have to admit, I initially wasn’t sure whether or not this would turn out well. But after I received my bag in the mail I fell in LOVE with the gold initials. Now I kind of wish I could get my initials engraved on EVERY bag I own. 

There’s something about seeing your name on a product that just feels…so satisfying. If you’re looking for a holiday gift idea, I think a customized Beara Beara bag is the perfect present. 

A huge part of what makes me LOVE fall fashion are the coats. I think my Stedman, a menswear-inspired wool coat by Aritzia, pairs perfectly with the studious vibe of the Santa Anna leather satchel. I chose the small size because I wanted something I could use on the day to day without worrying about it being too heavy or big. I used this bag for work today and it actually fit my agenda, a bullet journal, a laptop charger, a hard drive, as well as my essentials (wallet, keys, phone). I’m glad I got this size rather than the mini size because it’s still a versatile bag at this size. 

BB was nice enough to offer me a 10% discount code to my readers. Just use the code ‘bbangel’ at checkout! 

I actually got another bag from them that I am OBSESSED with as well, but we’ll save that for (another) rainy day. 


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