Starting a business has never been easier, and anyone can do it. However, that has made the competition a lot more fierce and now it’s all about finding the right industry and niche in order to find success. So here are the best industries currently to start a business in.


eSports is something that’s risen in popularity lately, and it’s all to do with gaming. What was once a hobby and something you’d do in your spare time, has become for many a full-time career. Arenas and venues across the globe are selling out to this craze, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. What’s lacking is more venues and organizations jumping on board with this industry. As it’s fairly new still, there’s still a great opportunity to get within this market. So whether it’s representing those in talent or offering a venue space for these events, you can certainly make a lot of money through this growing sport.

CBD (Cannabis)

Cannabis is still very much a taboo topic for certain countries, but it’s slowly infiltrating the general market in the form of oils, edibles and skincare/haircare. These products are becoming more sought after because of the various health and medical benefits it’s been proven to provide. This industry obviously requires you to know your stuff when it comes to the plant and also have the right qualifications and knowledge to practice and sell these products to the public. However, it’s certainly worth the time and effort as there seems to be more acceptance nowadays of the drug. Like online dispensary these are very popular.


Technology is very prominent in society now, and it’s advancing at a rapid rate where technology that was new a year or so ago, is now old. As mobile phones improve, so do the apps that we all use on a daily basis. We want more nowadays to make our lives easier. So if you enjoy coding and have a talent for all things technology, then developing new software and apps that can solve a common problem, this could be a gold mine.

Social Media Influencer

If you have a considerable following on social media, then you could call yourself somewhat of a social media influencer. Thanks to the internet, anyone can put themselves on Youtube, film videos and make a considerable amount of money. Instagram and Twitter have become powerful platforms in which individuals are sponsored by brands to promote their products or services to masses of followers. These individuals, therefore, hold a lot of power, just like traditional forms of media like magazines and newspapers.


Everyone would like to live longer, and we’re therefore hooked on health supplements, diet plans, and newly found products that promise to wipe away the years and renew your younger self. From health products for anti-aging to fitness, this a very big industry and if you have the knowledge and qualifications, you could certainly thrive.

So there you have it! Five industries that will hopefully inspire you to start your own business today!