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Weekend in Vegas: FOOD

AdventureFoodLas VegasLifestyle
May 26, 2017 / By /
I never realized how sheltered my tastebuds were until I had food in Vegas. Vancouver is an amazing place to live if you like food. The diversity in Vancouver alone makes the good food options endless. But after having some of the most popular foods in Vegas my perspective on how great Vancouver really is has […]

Harvest Community Foods | #Speakofthefood

April 24, 2017 / By /
Since I started working in Chinatown, I’ve had to opportunity to try some food places I probably wouldn’t have discovered before. With Chinatown and its continuous gentrification, the options continue to grow as these hipster food places keep popping up on every street corner. I’m definitely not complaining though. More lunch options for me 😬.  […]

Mexican Beef & Rice Skillet (Taco Rice)

FoodHealth and FitnessLifestyle
November 16, 2016 / By /
Tried this recipe out a couple nights ago and I’m kind of in love. I’ve always been a huge fan of Mexican food and my favourite thing to eat from most Mexi places are burrito or taco bowls. This dish is kind of like that but SO much yummier. You can make a large serving […]

Le Marché St George

September 20, 2016 / By /
I’ve actually written about Le Marché in a blogpost before but looking back I don’t think I did it much justice. So I thought I would write about it again with actual photos that show a little bit of how beautiful this place actually is.  I came here to shoot with Terri and Janice for […]

Bits and Pieces from LA

AdventureFoodLifestyleLos AngelesStyle
September 13, 2016 / By /
Summer has ended and fall seems to be in full swing which makes looking at these photos harder and harder ): I miss the sunshine, the heat, our place, the culture… I especially miss the food. Oh god the food was good. So here are a few more bits and pieces of my LA trip […]