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Kerastase Giveaway!

BeautyHealth and FitnessLifestyle
August 4, 2016 / By /
Y’all have no idea how excited I am to be doing my first blog GIVEAWAY! And with none other than the amazing hair care brand Kerastase! Kerastase has these amazing 3 step collections/rituals that help Bathe, Treat, and Texturize your hair. And the best part, they actually have multiple DIFFERENT rituals depending on your hair […]


AdventureHealth and FitnessLifestyleVancouver
June 8, 2016 / By /
Had the most exciting Monday ever this week. Just so happened that Monday was one of my days off this week so Vern and I decided to conquer another BC hike. We wanted to do one that we’ve both never done so we decided to tackle Garibaldi Lake. The Garibaldi Lake trail is a 18 […]

Kayaking in Deep Cove

AdventureHealth and FitnessLifestyleVancouver
April 7, 2016 / By /
School has been… well… to put it lightly, A HELL HOLE. Not joking, it’s getting to be stupidly stressful. Just a overview of what I have due next week: 3 deliverables, 2 presentations, and an Econ test worth 30%. And that’s a normal week for us. I’ve really been trying to make time for days […]

The Roster – BeaYOUtiful

BeautyHealth and FitnessInspoLifestyleStyle
March 5, 2016 / By /
I am so excited to finally be able to share this amazing campaign with everyone…  Back story : Recently I was contacted by the beautiful and sweet Taylor Hui to be a part of a campaign with an amazing message. BeaYOUtiful is a not-for-profit organization that she started to support and promote confidence and self-love […]


FoodHealth and FitnessLifestyle
February 29, 2016 / By /
Here’s to the start of a new series that Vernice and I decided to start on our Youtube channels ! We are both lovers of food so we thought of this great idea to add cooking videos to our channels. They aren’t going to be weekly videos because of the amount of time we need […]