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Clean OOTD

I can’t get enough of this slip dress !

It was absolutely gorgeous outside again, and so I wanted to take advantage of it and wear my dress again. I have a feeling this will be the summer of non-pants FOR SURE.

The one thing about Vancouver weather right now, is that the sun, although bright and beautiful, is actually quite deceiving. As soon as you walk outside, the breeze hits you and you’ll realize that it’s actually still nippy (no pun intended LOL) spring time, and not hot summer yet. So, to add a BIT of coverage to my slip dress (yes it’s my second day in a row of wearing it. don’t judge me), I threw on this long white t-shirt on top.

I’m LOVING how this combo looks, the casual and flow-y feel of it.

Clean OOTD

I love that the T-shirt actually has a large slit down the side , and is asymmetrical in the sense that it’s longer in the back, because I think it gives this combo some really interesting details to look at. The black peaking out from the side makes the lines look sharp and crisp, while the longer back ensures that I don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions throughout the day.

Clean OOTD Clean OOTD Clean OOTD Clean OOTD Clean OOTD Clean OOTD

Black Slip Dress : Brandy Melville | White Tshirt : Brandy Melville | Bag : Rebecca Minkoff | Booties : Spring   

Oh yeah, can I just say that this is also the comfiest outfit EVER. the slip dress and the white t-shirt are both SO COMFORTABLE. it’s nuts. I feel like I’m floating around in my pajamas which I am DOWWWWWNNNN for.

Clean OOTD

How’s the weather where you’re from? Has it been warm enough for dresses yet? Let me know !

Hope you guys are having a great day, wherever you are.

Until next time,

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