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I am currently curled up in a corner in the backroom of my work writing this blogpost. This is all that my life has consisted of lately. Wake up, school, work, gym (sometimes), sleep. I am definitely someone who lives for schedules. I love planning things. I love knowing exactly what I’ll be doing the next day, and the day after that, and over the weekend. I just like being in control of my life. The moments I feel the most lost and helpless is when I start losing control… 

But lately, with my schedule and forthcoming end-of-semester due-dates and exams, I feel like I haven’t had anytime to myself and to do the things that I want to do. And oh man I’ve just been feeling so de-motivated :'( .

So what I’m trying to say is I’m sorry that all my content lately has been iphone quality and shot outside of my school. I’ve been trying to use all the decently “aesthetically pleasing” parts of my school. 

img_0419img_0421 img_0418 img_0417

I know I’ve mentioned these pants before but they are just awesome. Very few dress pants from Aritzia actually fit me the way I want them to because I have proportionately larger thighs and calves than waist so I am always between sizes. These “dressy joggers” are actually supposed to fit long and loose but I actually quite like how it fits on me. They come up a little higher, right above my ankles, and have a drawstring waist. They definitely barely fit the “trouser”/”dress pant” category but the fabric definitely dresses it up a bit. 

And then of course I had to buy yet another thin turtleneck shirt. I actually own this exact shirt in three colours now… it’s an issue. But honestly it’s the comfiest, softest shirt I own. I think it’s the perfect “chill” shirt for school over jeans, trousers, joggers, you name it. The colour that I’m wearing above is Twine. I also own it in Tuscan Olive and Heather Ashen. 

I recently finally upgraded my camera and bought a new lens so I’m hoping that’ll be more than enough motivation to get me creating content again. The only thing I’m missing is time, but we can figure that out somehow. 

Hope school is going well for all my student readers out there. I feel your pain… We can do this together :'( 

And to those who don’t have school, GET EXCITED! Holiday season is upon us!


More soon,