aritzia crop tops

Lately I’ve been really into the look of wearing a crop top and a skirt for nights out instead of doing a dress or shorts. Something about this look… maybe that it shows a little more skin yet still looks quite classy, has just been pulling me in. I decided to treat myself a little, and ended up buying two crop tops/bralettes/bustiers from Aritzia this past weekend. I’ve actually been eyeing both of these down for quite some time now, and since Chinese New Years just passed, I had a little bit of extra cash to use to my desire. ♥___♥

aritzia crop tops

The first of the two is from Wilfred, and is from their more casual line, Free. This is the LING Bustier, and costs $35. It’s made from a thick jersey type material, that is supposed to retain it’s shape really well. I was only able to find the more expensive version of this bustier on their website (it’s made of a ultra stretch pointe material) but I’ll link it here anyways. I love how this bustier looks on the body; very sexy, feminine, and dainty. I also adore how thin the straps on this thing is.

aritzia crop tops

The second piece I got, the Rasa bra ($30), is actually meant to be a sports bra I think. But because of the design of it, I would definitely wear this as a crop top with a pencil skirt or skater skirt. It is made of a very stretchy cotton material (think Lululemon sports bra) and has great support. The only problem I have with wearing this as a top, is that the fabric is quite thin, which means that when it gets a little nippy outside, I get a little nippy as well (if you know what I mean). But this is easily fixable with a little bit of tape, or even wearing a low-cut bra underneath. I was originally actually planning to pick up the full black one but they ran out of my size so I decided to grab this one instead. I think the teal is still going to be quite wearable though, just because it isn’t a flashy or bright teal. I will link the Rasa bra here, incase you wanted to check it out.

Overall, I think I’m pretty happy with my purchases. Although $30-$35 seems like quite a bit to spend on such little amount of fabric, both of these are great quality, and versatile enough that I know I will get plenty of use out of them. I’ve honestly been loving these so much, that I have the biggest temptation to go back and buy them in the other colours… MUST RESIST… for now.

I’ll try to get some outfit pictures up for you guys of how I’d style these pieces soon !

so until next time,

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