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While trying to figure out what I should name this post/write about, I kind of noticed that I was wearing a lot of the items that I have been glued to lately. Actually, it seems like I’ve really just thrown together a bunch of things that I’ve been loving and called it an outfit… so VOILA! Here are my current favourites, OOTD style!

So let’s start from top to bottom (or head to toe if you will). 

1. My HAIR. My pitch black, “for the night is dark and full of terrors” hair! (still obsessing over GOT clearly…). But all jokes aside, I haven’t been this happy with my hair in what seems like ages. Having an ombre, and trying to have an ashy ombre, was probably the most high maintenance thing I’ve done my entire life. Not to mention I looked like every other Asian chick with ombre hair. But ever since I’ve dyed my hair back to black, I’ve felt so much happier and more confident with my look! And really that’s the whole point of changing your hair colour right? To feel good about yourself? Funny how I felt the happiest with myself when I went back to my natural hair colour… Who would’ve thunk it? 

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2. CHOKERS. I honestly didn’t think I would get into this trend… but then again I don’t think I’m going to get into a lot of trends yet I still end up looking like every other “on-trend” blogger there is (oops!). Honestly at first I was SO uncomfortable with how it felt against my neck. Like I mean I really understood why they’re called “CHOKErs”. But honestly after a couple wears (took me about like 2 weeks) you really do forget that it’s there. And now sometimes I feel bare without one. The one that I’m wearing is actually a belt from one of my dresses! So if you’re not down to spend 15-20 bucks on a piece of string, check your closet!

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3. My Hermes BANGLE. Well… technically it’s not MY bangle. It’s my mom’s Hermes bangle that she got as a birthday gift a couple years ago. But it’s recently become one of my favourite jewelry pieces to wear EVER. I’ve pretty much discovered that it goes with practically every outfit I own so it has made a home on my wrist for pretty much this entire summer. I’m obsessed with it and I think it goes really well with my personal style. I don’t think my mom will be getting this baby back for a while (love you mom). 

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4. Urban Outfitters BELT: You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for a good quality, western-styled belt. When I saw this amazing genuine leather one at UO I knew I had to get it. It’s actually a size large but I went out to my local Daiso and bought a cheap leather hole punch. Now I can DIY the sizes of all my belts! I find that this is also one of those pieces that I throw on with almost all my outfits now-a-days to bring together an outfit. So don’t be surprised if you see it plenty more OOTDs!

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5. Citizens of Humanity Liya JEANS: Comfiest. Jeans. EVER. Citizens of Humanity jeans have been my favourite branded jeans for a while now and are known to make comfortable denim. They really outdid themselves with the Liyas though. They are a modern twist of the classic mom jeans style and have the softest fabric I’ve ever felt on a pair of denim. I’ve pretty much been wearing these non-stop. And because they’re such a simple, versatile style they really go with so many different outfits. 

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6. Mimosa SHOESI have been eyeing these down for AGES but never could bite the bullet to spend $200 on a pair of heels that I may never wear. I am definitely more of a sneakers/booties girl so I was worried these would turn out to be like every other pair of heels I own… A.K.A sitting on my shoe shelf looking pretty and collecting dust. However, every single one of my girlfriends who own this shoe says it is the comfiest heel they own so I thought I would give it a try, in hopes of finding a “comfortable heel”… AND I DID. I was actually able to do a 6 hour shift in these babies so they are definitely tried and tested! 

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Hope you guys enjoyed this more text-filled post and let me know what your current favourites closet items are! And if you were wondering where this cute backdrop is, it’s the McArthurGlen designer outlet by the YVR airport in Vancouver! There are so many perfect backdrops for shooting there so definitely check it out if you’re looking for interesting places to shoot. Not to mention you can do some shopping while you’re there!


Until next time,