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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link

Recently I was asked to review the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link and I could NOT turn it down. I’ve always been a huge fan of Dyson products (especially their fans, my family loves them). So when they told me that this little guy was a space heater, fan, and air purifier in one…I was pretty much already sold.  


You Can Develop Allergies?!

I developed allergies to dust and pollen when I was 19 and it’s stayed consistent (and annoyingly so) over the past 3 years. WHO KNEW YOU COULD JUST SUDDENLY DEVELOP ALLERGIES?! Although I am lucky and usually feel fine during the day, my allergies always act up in the mornings, as well as right before I go to sleep. Thankfully, I learned that one of the features of the Pure Hot+Cool is the ability to remove pollutants and allergens from the air. I have a lot of clothes in my room due to my open closet concept, which = a lot more dust and fur balls! 

Has It Helped My Air Quality?

I have noticed a difference in my allergies since I’ve started using this Dyson machine (YAY). It has a 360-degree glass HEPA filter which can help capture and remove microns, pollen, bacteria, and dust from the air. I leave the machine running on auto as long as I am at home and adjust the temperature accordingly. Not only has the air quality in my room been noticeably better, it also improves the airflow—which I desperately need in the winter when it’s too cold to crack a window. 

It even has an app which monitors and reports your air quality, the temperature, the humidity, as well as allows you to schedule machine on/off time!

Do I Recommend It?

If you’re looking for a space heater this winter, I would highly recommend investing in the Dyson hot+cold link. It’s something that you can use all year round whether it’s in the freezing winter or blazing hot summer. I constantly have my machine running to maintain the air quality in my room, and I think that usage time alone makes it worth the cost. I really didn’t think I needed an air purifier in my life until I actually used one, and now I can’t go back! 

If you’ve got any questions about the machine and how I use it leave it in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer it! 


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