Lately I’ve been really getting back into my Naked 3 palette. I forgot how much I loved the rosey golds and the pinky taupes. I know I’ve been really sucking at making Youtube videos lately. Something about it has really just not been clicking well with me. I’ve had no motivation to film or edit whatsoever. So instead, I decided I would show you guys my everyday makeup look through a pictorial !

DISCLAIMER : I am NOT, by any means, a MUA. I really WISH I was a MUA. BUUUUT I’m not. This is just how I do my face everyday. okaaaaaay leggo


I always start out with a transitional shade. Makes my life so much easier. Here I’m using a fluffy blending brush to blend Limit into my crease, and towards the inner corner of my eye.


To darken up the crease a little further, I’m taking that same blending brush and buffing Nooner into my crease as well.

IMG_2944 IMG_2945

Next, taking a slightly denser blending blush, I’m taking factory and placing it in the outer corner of my eye in my outer V and blending it slightly upward into my crease.

Then with a clean blending blush, I go back and really blend out the edges of Factory. If needed, I will take a little bit more of Limit and use it to really haze out the edge of the darker colours. You want the colours to fade out towards your browbone.

IMG_2948 IMG_2950

Then I take a fluffy shader brush and apply Burnout into the inner half of my lid, and then Strange into my inner corners as a highlight.

Rediscovered my love for gel liners recently, and haven’t stopped using this one ever since. This is just a 3 Concept Eyes Gel eyeliner pot that I bought in Hong Kong last summer. You can use any black eyeliner that you’d like ! I just went with a small wing (like I always do).


And VOILA ! here is the finished eye look !

As for my face makeup, I think I will be doing a separate pictorial (or maybe finally a video?!) of how I apply foundation, concealer, contour, blush and highlight. So incase you were wondering, keep your eyes peeled for that.

Same goes with my brows and fake lashes application !

Hope this was helpful some how !

Until next time,

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 1.58.15 AM