One of the main things I wanted to do while I was in San Diego this past month was visit La Jolla. Heard so many great things about La Jolla cove and it’s surroundings. And man I was not disappointed. 

We knew going into this trip that the biggest goal for our time there was to spend almost all downtime at the beach. Whether that’s walking along La Jolla, laying out in Pacific Beach, or being active in Mission Beach—beaches were definitely the theme of our San Diego adventure. We spent about two half days around the La Jolla area and I feel like there was still things we didn’t have a chance to see. 

Most of the coastal stretch along La Jolla was mainly smaller cliffs and coves. There was one area within La Jolla cove that was sandy and was potentially a good space to tan. But ultimately, this area is bustling with families and tourists and isn’t the most “relaxing” place to lay out. 

So instead, we spent the majority of our time walking along the coast and just admiring and taking in the sight of the ocean and the sound of the waves. 

Although, yes, Vancouver does have it’s fair share of beaches—none of them compare to these natural coastal treasures. There’s something so calming and beautiful about the sound of waves crashing against the shore; something you don’t get to really experience here on our man-made beaches. 



We also spent a lot of time looking for Bougainvilleas—or as we call it “the magical Cali Instagram flowers”. Seriously stunning both in photos and real life. We didn’t have to look far to find them either. These bushes seem to bloom everywhere in SoCal. Even as I’m putting together this article, I am missing California hard. I can’t wait to go back. 

I’m really considering taking a trip down to LA by myself in mid October or early November. I thought about doing a solo trip that would be more of an adventure—down to somewhere super cool like Peru. But realistically, at the end of this year, I’m going to be so mentally drained that I wouldn’t want to have to explore a brand new place and have to worry about getting lost, communicating with locals, and all that craziness. 

I know I can depend on LA to be exactly what I’ll need when that time comes around; sunny, warm, friendly, and relaxing. Plus since there is no time difference, I can just continue to work while I’m down there and not worry about spending my vacation days unnecessarily. Just a thought right now, but have been thinking about it more and more.  

I know this place isn’t in La Jolla, it’s actually in Pacific Beach, but if you’re in San Diego and you don’t go to an Oscar’s to have tacos…you’re making a huge mistake. Seriously the BEST tacos and ceviche I’ve ever had in my life. Nothing I’ve tasted has even compared. There is literally a Mexican restaurant on every corner in San Diego (I mean it is just a 30 minute drive from Tijuana) but Oscar’s was by far the best I had, no questions asked. Trust. 

Angel Zheng