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I’m currently trying to revamp my closet for fall 2016 which means out with in old and in with the new. Been trying to sell some of the fall pieces that I no longer love from last year to make space for all the pretty 2016 styles and colours. So as I have been redefining my fall style, I decided I would share with you guys my favourite fall 2016 styles that I’ve seen so far! 

cropped sweater 2cropped sweater cs

Cropped Sweaters

  This year I’m really try to stray away from the conventional chunky turtleneck knits and try out more “stylish” fall pieces such as cropped sweaters! Ever since I’ve converted to wearing pretty much only Citizens of Humanity Rocket jeans (which are a really nice mid/high-rise denim) and trousers that go up past my hips I’ve been more open to try cropped tops and sweaters. I love how cropped sweaters with a tight pair of trousers or jeans can still accentuate your figure in the cold still while keeping your nice and warm.  

tight shirttsts2

Tight Shirts/Sweaters (for tucking)

Just as I love how cropped sweaters accentuate your waist, so does a tight shirt/sweater tucked into a high-waisted pair of pants. Last year my style was very baggy, relaxed, and casual and so this year I’m really trying to adopt a more feminine and sophisticated vibe. I especially have been loving tucking a tight shirt into an a-line skirt. I’ve been wearing my Karmen skirt from aritzia to death since I’ve gotten it. Been rewatching Gossip Girl and so I’ve definitely been inspired and influenced by Serena Vanderwoodsen’s preppy but sophisticated look. 

vest vest2 vests


Definitely going to be a huge part of my early fall wardrobe, vests have become quite an obsession of mine in the past couple of months. Especially longer ones that almost look like a sleeveless coat. I love pairing these with both the cropped sweaters and tight shirts mentioned above. It hasn’t gotten cold enough yet to whip out the heavy parkas and coats yet in Vancouver, so vests have been my go-to as of late. 

coat coat2 coat3 

Men’s Style Coats 

What I mean by ‘men’s style’ coats is something that’s slightly oversized and usually have small, suit-style lapels. I personally added the Aritzia Stedman coat to my collection this year (which is the camel one shown above except I bought the dark grey version of it). I’m set on buying at least one new coat every year so that my coat collection grows slowly but surely. I love how simple and clean the cut of these coats are and how they compliment any outfit. I could dress really preppy and feminine or be wearing baggy jeans and a t-shirt and this coat would still be the perfect addition. 

So that wraps up my current favourite fall 2016 styles! Be sure to keep an eye out for some ootds featuring these styles in the very near future. 

Also let me know what your favourite pieces are for fall and maybe I’ll add them to my list as well! 

More soon, 


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