favourite nail polishes !

Being a girl of nature, I seem to always revolve around the same nail colours and brands. You’re rarely see me in colours that are not shown in the above picture. Obviously I’ve had my share of sunshine yellow nails, and sparkly purple claws, but no matter what, I seem to always come back to a few colours and brands. Currently, these are the nail polishes that I can’t get enough of !

From left to right, top to bottom…

  1. Revlon Colorstay – Mocha
  2. Essie – Ignite the Night
  3. Urban Outfitters – Bombay Funk
  4. Sally Hansen Insta-dri – Cinna Snap
  5. Urban Outfitters – Champagne Toast
  6. Essie – Mezmerised
  7. Essie – Lapiz of Luxury
  8. Revlon – Valentine
  9. Essie – Sand Tropez
  10. H&M – Tea with Milk

What nail polishes do you religiously wear ? 

Until next time !

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 1.58.15 AM