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Feed planning is a tip that I learned from some fellow blogger friends of mine and is something that has changed my online life entirely. This is something that is important for accounts that depend a lot on aesthetics such as fashion, food, or lifestyle accounts. But feed planning is more than just focusing on the overall aesthetic of your account. It also helps ensure that you are posting at the right times and have content queued for your down times.

Initially I did all my feed planning in an album in my Iphone Photo app. That worked most of the time except because the Iphone default in albums is four columns, not three like Instagram, I had to download a bunch of blank “white” photos to go around what my 9×9 feed would be to visualize it better. Although doable, you can see how this got tedious after a while.

And then I discovered the app Mosaico. It is a paid app but it is a one-off payment which is a lot more cost efficient than some other feed-planning apps that are subscription based.


Mosaico allows you to sync with your Instagram so that all of your current photos already show up and you don’t have to reimport them into the app. You can then upload new photos you plan on uploading into Mosaico and drag and drop them around to see where they fit best in your feed.


It also provides the opportunity for you to schedule your posts and plan your captions and hashtags. However, Mosaico does not post for you! It sets a reminder for when you schedule your post and will remind you to post at that time. It will also copy what you planned for your caption into your clipboard which you can then paste into Instagram once you’ve entered the app through Mosaico.


Although $5.99 seems like a lot to pay for an app that just lets you drag and drop your photos around, it is SO worth it. I use this app before I every upload to ensure that my content fits my current feed and theme. Feed aesthetic is something that is often overlooked by most when considering good content to post. BUT REMEMBER. Your feed is the first thing people see when they click into your profile. NOT JUST individual photos. Personally I always judge accounts by their feed. A messy feed makes me bounce almost immediately, not matter how high quality the individual photos are.

Have you used a feed planning app before? Which one works for you?

More soon,