After a full two months, I can finally say that I am truly settled into my new home and it’s been feeling complete. It definitely took me a while to fill my space with furniture, decor, and just things that make it feel like a home. Now that all of these things and more have found a home in my home, I got together with my friend Thomas and did a little cozy home shoot. Make sure to check out his Instagram for more awesome shots. 

I started my little home shoot in my kitchen area. I spend a lot of my time here—we all know how much I love to eat—but it’s also a portion of my place that really drew my attention when I first saw the place empty. Now it’s become the space where I complete most of my morning routine. Making my coffee on my espresso machine, making my typical acai bowl breakfasts…I’m never stressed when I’m in my kitchen. 

I’m excited to be sharing more of my new space here on my blog. Instagram and YouTube has seen a lot of it, but I’m definitely looking forward to capturing more still moments to share here. 

Make sure you’re following my YouTube channel because I’ll have an apartment tour up soon. Instagram is also always the first platform I post any of my photos, and definitely the platform I’m the most present on so check that out as well. 

Until next time, 

Angel Zheng