Everytime I wear this skirt I feel like a bit of a princess. It’s definitely the girliest item of clothing that I own, and it makes me feel girly when I wear it. But it’s one of those pieces that I don’t even think about getting rid of. Amongst my leathers, black clothes, and distressed denim, this skirt definitely stands out and makes me feel a little different. 

I also adore the light blush pink colour of the skirt. I think it’s light enough of a pink that makes it still very wearable and versatile. Anything pinker than this I would start to shy away from. My cravings for spring/summer has definitely kicked in and I’ve been dying to wear some lighter pieces. I paired the skirt with a mauvey-grey turtle neck to ensure I wasn’t freezing to death (there’s still snow outside!)

And yes, I had to wear it with a leather moto and some leather booties. Because modern day princesses are strong, independent, and don’t need no man. All we need is a good leather jacket to conquer the world with. Am I right?!

Valentines day is right around the corner. And although I’m spending it alone, I’m more than content and happy with my life. I’ve got a great support system of family and friends, an amazing internship opportunity starting in March, and a really exciting future ahead of me. What else does a girl need really?

To all of you celebrating Valentines day independently this year, happy Galentines day! or Bruh-lentines day if there happen to be some dudes visiting my blog (??)

More soon!