(The First) Monday Mood

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Welcome to the first, of hopefully many, Monday Moods. This past year I’ve really been trying to tap into my creative side and mood boards have definitely helped me accomplish that. Something about carefully curating a set of photos to print, cut, and paste helps bring out an artsy side of me that I haven’t embodied before. But as the traditional arts and crafts version of creating mood boards isn’t an effective or efficient use of my time, I’ve decided to utilize my newly discovered love for InDesign and create and share some digital mood boards. How bow dah. 

I loiter on social media all day, probably (a lot) more than I should, telling myself that it’s my job to. So why not make it a little more meaningful and collect meaningful photos and posts throughout the week to share with you what has  caught my eye, inspired me, or evoked some emotion in me that week!

So here’s to trying something new!

This Monday’s Mood are spring time florals. And no, I don’t mean floral prints. I mean floral back drops, props, and center pieces. I’ve always had a love for flowers but I think this spring and summer I am going to aim to add more flowers to my feed. Whether that’s using flower and plant walls, visiting my local nursery more, or just buying more bouquets for my home. I want my S/S 17 seasons to be filled with floral EVERYTHING. 

What inspired you this past week? 

Until next time, 

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