Foodie Friday time ! This week’s feature is actually a throwback feature. Le Crocodile is actually the restaurant I went to when I first brought my (now ex) boyfriend to meet my parents. Although I’m not usually a huge fan of French food (I’m more of an Italian girl myself), this place still holds a special place in my inner fat girl’s heart.

Escargots Maison

The first dish that we ordered obviously had to be Escargot. This is the Escargots Maison ($14.50) , which are “Snails baked in pastry “shells” in garlic butter”

For some reason, I expected this dish to taste differently. The escargot was VERY salty.. to the point where I don’t think I could’ve eaten it without accompanying it with the starter bread that was brought for the table. Even on the bread it was a little salty for my palette, but then again, I did also butter the bread so maybe that added to it as well. Anyways, overall it was pretty yummy. The flavour was very rich… it didn’t seem like typical garlic butter but it was still good.

Terrine de Foie-Gras et Crème Brûlée au Foie-Gras, Gelée au Sauterne, Toasts

Now for the mains.Being the weight-conscious woman that she is, my mother just ordered the Terrine de Foie-Gras et Crème Brûlée au Foie-Gras, Gelée au Sauterne, Toasts ($28.00) for dinner. For all of yall that don’t understand French (like me), this was “Duo of Foie-Gras Tasting, Foie-Gras Terrine, Foie-Gras Créme Brulée, Icewine Gelée, Toast”. 

It came with this big chunk of foie-gras and also a foie-gras creme brulee. And then of course some toast to accompany it. She absolutely loved this dish. but due to the richness of the flavour and texture of the foie-gras, she needed to clear her palette a little with coffee after finishing off the whole plate.
When she let me try a piece of the large foie-gras I was quite…. confused to say the least. It was weird, I couldn’t decide whether or not I enjoyed it. After several minutes of contemplation, I decided that I liked the taste of it but not the texture. It just felt like I was eating a piece of fat, which is what it basically is. I later found out that foie-gras is the fatty liver of a duck. Yikes.
The creme brulee was pretty interesting tasting as well. The best way to describe it is to call it a salty creme brulee. That’s pretty much what it is… and instead of caramel, you taste foie-gras. I actually quite liked the taste of the creme brulee.

Nouilles Fraîches au Homard et Crevettes Grillées, Brunoise de Légumes

I ordered the Nouilles Fraîches au Homard et Crevettes Grillées,
Brunoise de Légumes 
($29.00). This was “Fresh Fettuccine with Lobster Meat and Grilled Tiger Prawns, served with a Brunoise of Vegetables, Olive Oil and Fresh Basil”. 

Alright let’s start off with the fettuccine. Fresh it was! The texture of it was amazing, perfectly al dente. The lobster meat was soaked with flavour but not over-powering the taste of the lobster itself. Tiger prawns were also good but definitely weren’t as flavourful as the lobster. The sauce was definitely not what I expected at all….it was sort of… tart? I think I’m so used to (and in love with) italian cuisine and it’s amazing selection of pasta sauces, that this one just didn’t taste quite right to me. It was very unique, unlike any sauce I’ve tried. Don’t get me wrong though, it was definitely still delicious, I’m just not sure how to describe how it tastes.

Côte de Boeuf Grillée aux Deux Sauces, Béarnaise ou Bordelaise

My younger sister had the most expensive taste for the night, and ordered the Côte de Boeuf Grillée aux Deux Sauces, Béarnaise ou Bordelaise ($44.00). In english, this dish is “Grilled Prime Rib of Beef on the bone with Béarnaise or Bordelaise Sauce” .

I wasn’t really able to get much of a taste of her prime rib (because she pretty much devoured it like there was no tomorrow…) but the bordelaise sauce… Heavenly. It was just absolutely amazing. The perfect amount of thickness and so rich in flavour. Her ribs were also served with french fries.

Tartelette au Citron “Brulée” et Sorbet Fruits de la Passion

For dessert, I let my little sister decide what she most wanted to try, and she picked the Tartelette au Citron “Brulée” et Sorbet Fruits de la Passion ($10.50). This was the “Sun Burnt Lemon Tart with Passion Fruit Sorbet“. Best way I can describe how this tastes? A perfect lemon meringue tart. Just like my favorite one from Sweet E’s in Kerrisdale. But that passion fruit sobet on top is totally a game changer. It ties the sour tart together so amazingly well. You pretty much HAVE to try this dessert if you ever visit Le Crocodile. You have no idea how amazing it is.If you usually enjoy lemon meringue pies as much as me…. this is a gift sent from heaven.

Le crocodile chocolate

And then of course the meal ended with these signature crocodile chocolates that came with the bill.

Overall, I think Le Crocodile is definitely worth checking out if you want to enjoy a luxurious French dinner. I think because I’m usually not so fond of French cuisine, it hindered the enjoyment of this meal for me a little. Some of the delicacies of French cuisine don’t make all that much sense to me (like Foie-Gras… what’s up with that?). However, I still actually really enjoyed my experience and (most of) the food there.

Their address is :

Suite 100 – 909 Burrad St. (at smithe)

(604) 669-4298

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Until next week !

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