So, you feel like the time has come that you need to get back in shape. But before you rush to shell out for a monthly gym membership, you should first consider whether there are some better ways that you could start your fitness habit. After all, not everyone works out well in the gym. And with so many ways of getting in shape out there, it’s worth looking at some of the other options which you have.

Create Your Own Home Gym

Why go out to a gym if you have one in your very own home? Just find a corner of the house which is not being used and invest in some basic equipment. To start off with, you may simply need an exercise mat, some music, and some light free weights. Over time, you can start to build up your equipment to make your home gym more comprehensive. You could even look into hiring an in home personal trainer. This will really help to take your workouts up to the next level!

Go Out Hiking

If you are always getting behind the wheel of a car to go anywhere these days, it is time to rediscover the lost art of walking! To start off with, you could do a walking tour of your city – or else explore a neighboring town. This helps you to stay in shape and explore an area which you have never seen in the past. Otherwise, you could head out to your nearest park or wilderness area to reconnect with nature – something which is good for the mind as well as the body.

Join a Team

There is nothing like the spirit of camaraderie and togetherness that being part of a team brings you. Perhaps you could rediscover a sport you used to play as a kid – or else take up a new one entirely. Just remember to enter at a level which is right for you so that you don’t end up getting disheartened if people are at a more advanced stage than you are. Otherwise, you could look into joining a local health class – perhaps yoga, karate or dance!

Turn Your Chores into Workouts

If you are working up a sweat while you are completing your annoying chores at the same time, you really are killing two birds with one stone. Scrubbing the bathtub or vacuuming are a couple of examples of workouts which will get your heart rate pumping. Even tidying up can help to get you running up and down the stairs. Another option of home fitness which you could practice is to workout while you are watching the TV. Pushups, situps, squats, burpees…there are all sorts of exercise varieties which are perfect for multitasking!

As you can see, you don’t necessarily have to become a fully-fledged gym member to get a good workout. Try taking part in one or more of these four activities instead.