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Today my friend Mary and I decided to have a girls day out ! We started the day off right with some Deer Garden (a noodle place) which was B.O.M.B., and then followed it up with Earnest ice cream which was almost even better. Then went to chapters so I could pick up a new agenda for this coming school year . 

I’m finally starting at my new job this coming week ! and it actually worked out perfectly, because I’ll be working alongside Mary ! I’m actually starting as a sales associate at Aritzia ! I’ve heard plenty of great things about it from Mary, and I’m extremely excited that I will be joining the team ! 

I’m honestly also really glad that I’ve finally found a new job, because it’s really time for me to rein in my life again. It’s easy to lose control of how you spend your time and how productive you are with your days, when you don’t have work or school to deal with. It’s especially hard at times like that to motivate yourself to do anything else other than lounging around being lazy. I’ve spent the majority of the beginning of this Summer doing nothing productive so I’m glad that I will finally be needing to put time, energy, and concentration into something of importance. 

Things are working out again, and I’m extremely thankful for that. 

More soon, 

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