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I’m on my last few weeks before classes are over and internships begin, which means I AM STRESSED. Final reports and presentations have been due back to back and it is definitely taking its toll. Gymming has actually somehow become my release this school year and I’ve found myself CRAVING a good workout every second day or so. I’ve been loving this zip up from Bench for an easy throw over my gym tanks when it’s chilly. I always wear it as a warm up jacket now as I’m always FREEZING during the first bit of my workout. The Paryah leggings have also been a go-to for the gym too. As much as I love my mesh panels and cutouts, everyone still needs a solid pair of black gym leggings. A great thing about the Paryah leggings is its thickness, or lack thereof. Sometimes I find that Lulu or Nike performance leggings are sometimes too thick for working out. These ones are a little thinner and a little more breathable which I find are perfect for a steamy workout. 

You can find all the new Bench performance pieces here. Definitely been on a workout gear bender lately and Bench has definitely played a big part in satisfying my wants!

Until next time,