I stopped by the MAC store the other day while I was at the mall with a friend, and I decided to pick up two products of their’s that I’ve been eyeing down for a while now. I’m not going to lie, for it only being January 12th (not even 2 weeks into the fresh new year), I’ve already spent quite a bit of money on make up. Other than the packages that I’m still waiting for the arrival of, this might be the last new make up haul post I put up in a while. I think it’s time for me to start actually saving money, instead of living paycheque to paycheque.


But since the money has already been spent, and the pictures already taken, here’s a little bit about my gorgeous new Melba blush, and Stone lip liner.


I first discovered MAC’s Stone through Samantha from Batalash Beauty 

She wears this Grey-ish Nude lipliner BEAUTIFULLY. (You can see what I mean here and here) Since discovering it on her, I seem to be seeing more and more of it in the beauty blogger/youtube world. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a whirl. 

On my lips, it appeared true to the colour that it shown at the end of the of lipliner pencil. I wore it with a Essence Long-lasting lipstick in 06 Barely There which toned down the grey a little bit and definitely made it a lot more wearable. Not that I wouldn’t have worn this gorgeous grey on it’s own, but it’s definitely a little out of the ordinary as far as lip colours go.


The other product that’s been on my wishlist for ages is MAC’s Melba blush. The reason I’ve been so interested in this specific blush is because (and this is going to sound quite stupid) it is very similar in shade with one of my favourite blushes of all time; The Balm’s Fratboy blush.

I know, I know. Why buy a blush that looks the same as a different blush you own. Well, it’s simple. Because I love it so god damn much ! This is one of those shades that just looks so absolutely stunning on my skin tone, whether I’m slightly more tanned from the summer sun, or pale as can be from the winter months. It is a very universal neutral peachy blush that literally goes with any and all the eye looks that I’ve created in my life. So what’s a better bang for your buck than something you can wear everyday and not get sick of?


Here are the two products swatched. If you want to purchase these products online, go to

What are your favourite MAC products? I’ve been slowly dipping my toes into the ocean that is MAC cosmetics because I’m starting to realize the importance of the quality of your makeup products. So I’m always open to suggestions of new products to try. Let me know! (I’ve been really into blushes, lipsticks, and lip liners lately, so if there any at all you think I need in my life, please help a brother out)

Until next time,

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