I forgot how difficult it is to stay stylish when it’s freezing outside :'( . It takes all I have to resist the urge to wear the same non-distressed denim and thick sweater every day. But since it’s the week of black friday work has been crazy busy which means it matters more than usual how I present myself. Hence the try-hard outfits.

I found out this week the key to dressing semi-stylish in the winter is just to own some really long coats and super warm bombers. Because really you probably will be spending most of your time indoors somewhere anyways.. so throw a thick jacket over a cute outfit and BAM. Winter ready. Unless you’re hanging out outside then my tip to you is just to layer on as many layers as humanly possible. 

img_0502 fullsizerender-3

For my outfit I just layered a really long coat over top of my outfit. Inside, I’m wearing my Gordon camisole from Aritzia which is a classic 90s straight neckline cami. I tucked it into my Citizens of Humanity Liyas which are a light-washed mom jean style. Threw my camel long cardigan and a pair of black booties on and I was good to go. Most of the time, indoors, that was what I was wearing. When I had to actually go outside and bear the cold I threw this new coat that I found from Winners on and my Herringbone scarf from Aritzia. And you know what… I didn’t freeze to death today! So I think my first “winter” outfit was a success!

img_0499 img_0496

By the way, a lot of clothing is already on sale on the Aritzia website right now so go and spend some money! And do me a favour and BUY ONLINE. So us poor girls can clean up the store and leave work at a godly hour. KTHNXBYE.