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When you want to be healthy, what kind of thoughts go through your head? Do you think about how you feel in your body? Or do you naturally start to think about how you look? For a lot of people, it will be a blend of both or mainly the latter. But health cannot always be definite by your appearance. Our bodies are incredibly clever. Most of the time, you will be able to feel it when you’re not healthy. You’ll be lethargic, restless, tired, in pain, or feeling another form of negative emotion. Now, when you want to try and be healthier, what do you focus on? For most people, it will be what they eat. Because exercise can seem too hard, but if you cut what you eat in half, eat nothing at all, or cut out ‘bad foods’, it work – right? Sadly not. Here’s why being healthy is more about changing your life and less about dieting.

Dieting Can Harm Your Health

The most important reason why a lifestyle change is more effective than dieting, is because dieting is harmful to your health. No matter what your goals are, you could be hurting your body with excessive and extreme dieting. You need to fuel your bodies with nutrients, yet many fad diets and nutritious at all. They focus on more on calories, and that can lead to key deficiencies or bad side effects for your health.

Dieting Is Temporary

The main reason why diets don’t often work in the long-run, is because they are only ever done for a set period of time. Sure, you may lose weight while on that diet for six weeks, but you’re likely to just put the weight back on. Why? Because at the end of your diet, you go back to how you used to eat. But when you make a lifestyle change, you’re focusing on more longer-term results.

Changes Are Better When They’re Holistic

A lifestyle change focuses on every element in your lifestyle. Dieting alone cannot get the kind of results that dieting, exercise, sleep, relaxation, and more can do. Here, you will find that creating a healthier lifestyle, like TO Kinesiology do, is much more beneficial. You’re tackling things from all angles to get better results that last.

Exercise Can Change Your Life

You may think you hate exercise, but give it a shot as a part of a healthier lifestyle. When you work out, using a method that works best for you, it can change your energy levels, your body shape, your attitude, and how you feel about yourself. But dieting cannot do that alone.

How You Feel Is More Important Than How You Look

Period. Whether you think that right now or not. Sometimes, we want to diet to lose weight for an event. Or we’re just never happy with how we look, so we find ourselves on that ‘forever diet’ that you’re always breaking. And guess what? You’ll never be happy when you’re stuck in the cycle. Instead, when you focus on feeling great and now what you look like, something magical happens. You do actually start to feel incredible, and that makes you happy. But not only that, your body will start to look and feel better, and you’ll fall more in love with it than ever.

Angel Zheng