A continuation of my at home series. Told you I was spending all my time at home! 

I recently upgraded my Crosley record player to the Audio-Technica AT-LP60BK-BT, an automatic bluetooth wireless belt-drive turntable. I use it with my Bose sound bar and it’s amazing. Even though the bluetooth version of this turntable was quite a bit pricier than the regular version, I knew I had to splurge so that it would be compatible with my sound system. Between my little sister and I, we’ve got quite a fun (and widely different) vinyl collection started. She has a total different music taste than I do which actually kind of works because our collection grows a lot faster. 

Have been so happy with how our home is coming together! I some how have accidentally created this really…Cali vibe. Maybe I’ve just been down there too often last year and it really left a deep impression on me. Either way, everything somehow ended up working together really nicely and I’m extremely proud of how far it’s come in the last two months. Yes, my savings account has taken a serious toll but it’s definitely been worth it.

A lot of people have been asking about the neon signs I have in my bedroom and living room, and they’re both from Amazon by a brand called Aoos. The “It Was All A Dream” one works great in the bedroom and I think the “Girls Girls Girls” one is such a cute touch to our living room. 


You won’t believe what a great feeling it is to have a beautiful home to shoot in. Aka, I can have content without ever living the house. HUZZAH!

All jokes aside, I’m definitely needing to get outside more now that I no longer have large furniture or home decor pieces getting sent to the house every week. Going to try to make it a goal in July to just get outside more and not be such a homebody. 

Angel Zheng