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I turned 20 this year ! To celebrate the big two-oh, my family and I went out for dinner at Minami. This was actually my first time at Minami, and I gotta admit, I was pleasantly surprised. People have always told me that Minami just has really over-priced but delicious sushi. I have never been too big of a sushi buff, so I could never really figure out why people would pay MORE money for fish and rice. 

I totally actually get it now. Minami isn’t only a sushi restaurant, but actually is a high-end japanese-styled restaurant. Some of the their dishes are really great fusion dishes done right. And not to mention their Salmon Oshi (which is their most popular dish)….. MELT-IN-YOUR-MOUTH-DIVINE-NESS 

For my main, I got the Wagyu Beef Cha-Soba (4th picture), which is one of fusion-done-right dishes I mentioned. It’s using green tea soba noodles with a bolognese sauce made with wagyu beef. The little strips of wagyu beef were actually probably my least favourite part of the entire dish, but overall it was delicious. 

My other favourite dish was probably the Kaizen Soba Peperoncino (last picture). If I were to go back, I would actually probably order this dish instead of the Cha-soba. Flavour-wise I definitely actually enjoyed this dish more. It’s loaded with a bunch of seafood bits, tempura, jalapenos, mushrooms, veggies, and covered in a chilli-garlic sauce. UNF. 

All in all, I would 100% visit Minami again. Food was definitely worth the 13-30 price range (most of our dishes were around 14-17). Especially if you order 1 or 2 dishes just on your own, the bills comes out to about the same as most nicer restaurants in Van. 10/10 would recommend. 

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