This past Saturday, it was a gorgeous sunny day, and so Summer and I went downtown to explore, eat, study, and shop. Vancouver has been deceptively sunny lately. It’s been clear skies, birds chirping, and sun blaring, yet when you step outside, the crisp air gets you shivering instantly. I really wanted to take advantage of the sun and (almost) Spring weather, so I wore bright blues and light denim. But then of course I had to throw a big coat over top so I didn’t freeze to death.


So I may have completely forgotten where I purchased this shirt…. I removed the tag from it because it was irritating my back, when I first bought it, and now it’s completely slipped my mind where it’s from.

Jeans : F21 | Booties : Lucky Brand | Bag : LV | Coat : RW&CO


Loving the coat/trench trend that seems to be happening right now. So normcore. So great.

What do you guys think of longer coats and trenches right now? Yay? or Nay? How would you pair your coat ?

More soon,

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