I am so in love with this dress. 

How often do you see me in dresses? Skirts? Yes. Dresses? RARE. BUT when I saw this nude number from NA-KD I kind of felt like I had to have it. I think it’s the simplicity and tonal colour of the dress that really drew me in. I loved the double strap detailing and how it criss-crosses in the back. I love the shade of nude it is; perfect grey-ish mauve. I love that it’s a little bit longer; I think the length is super classy. And of course the sexy side cut to show a little leg. UGH. It’s just a perfect dress all in all. 

NAKD nude dress


Some other details I didn’t notice until I tried on the dress was how perfect the neckline is. It’s a nice low V without being OVERLY low. I think it’s a great neckline that will flatter both flat-chested girls (like me) as well as bustier girls. 

The material of this dress is also amazing. It’s a very thick, good-quality material which well-exceeded my expectations, as I was just expecting a typical Forever 21 / H&M type quality. I think it hugs your body really well and, due to the thickness of the fabric, is quite forgiving as well. 

ALSO there is a seam between the top half of the dress which actually cinches in at the small of your waist. I actually wasn’t sure that I would like this feature at first but once I had actually put the dress on I really appreciated the detail that was put into making this dress. That seam really brings everything together and made it that much more flattering on the body. 

Yeah so pretty much this is my perfect ‘night out’ dress. End of story. 

… now if I actually had the chance to wear it that’d be awesome. LOL. 

NAKD nude dress NAKD nude dress NAKD nude dress NAKD nude dress NAKD nude dress NAKD nude dress

AAAAaaaaannnd of course I’m going to end off this post with a COUPON CODE! WOOT. 

NA-KD was super nice to offer me a 20% off coupon code for your next purchase on their website! They actually carry a bunch of really amazing brands other than their house brand ‘NA-KD’ like For Love and Lemons, BLK Denim, Birkenstock, Free People, and Jeffrey Campbell (to name a few!) So if you’ve had your eye on something from any of the brands that they carry now’s your chance to buy! I’ll link a complete list of all the brands that they carry here so you can take a looksie. 

The dress mentioned in this post I will link here

Let me know if you’ve ever purchased anything from them and what you thought! 

More soon,