Starting your career is a scary but super exciting thing! This year has been a huge year for as I graudated post-secondary and started in my first adult full-time job. I worked long and hard applying for jobs and I’m so proud of myself for landing the position that I am currently in. It’s been over half a year since I graduated and I thought it was the perfect time to share with you some new working babe tips! 

Dress For The Part You Want Not The Part You Have

This sounds super cheesy, and I know there are a million memes out there of people dressing like princesses or Victoria Secret models (haha). But this corny line actually packs a punch. I’m not saying you should be wearing thousand dollar office clothing to dress like a CEO would but putting more effort in looking professional can help make you feel more confident and productive at work. And at times, it can have an effect on how others see you at work too. Work on your wardrobe for work if you’re not currently dressing like you’re in a position of power! As I always say: Look good to feel good. 

Don’t Forget About Your Benefits

Make sure you discuss benefits with your boss or controller! A lot of people forget about their benefits and let it go to waste year after year. Consider it this way. The money you save is more money in your pockets. Some companies even will cover gym memberships, transit expenses, and telephone reimbursements! All of these things add up and paying attention to whether your firm offers overtime benefits, travel expenses, and more could land you some serious extra bucks in the bank account. 

Ask For A Promotion Or Pay Raise

How will you get a promotion or a pay raise if you just wait around for somebody to hand you one? Chances are, this won’t happen. Asking for it can be scary, but it lets your boss know that you value your job and want to continue further within the company. Arrange a meeting with your superior and talk about performance, and don’t forget to negotiate on expectations. Explain to them what you have done to earn the promotion and how you’ve demonstrated your worth and ownership of tasks by taking the lead. Just make sure your manager is aware that you would like a promotion. Trust me when I say, not every manager/boss is constantly thinking “when should I give my employees a raise”. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to! You can keep an eye out for internal job postings too! If there’s a role that has opened up that you think would push you further in your career, take it! No matter how small the promotion, it is still important to push yourself to go further in your career while also reminding your superiors that you take your job seriously. 

Consider Starting Up Your Own Venture On The Side

Entry-level jobs don’t always pay the best, and sometimes it may get a little tough starting out, especially right after you graduate. If this is the case, consider starting up your own venture on the side! My side hustle is freelance work and blogging. And most of the time, all you need to start a small side hustle is a credit card and a good idea. But of course, if you get into a bit of a jiffy, there is always credit card debt relief available, should you need it.

You could even create multiple income streams if you’re ambitious; how about affiliate marketing, blogging, writing e-books, tutoring, selling your talents online? Whether you’re great at drawing up a logo or you do a pretty good voiceover, you can sell it!

So those are some small tips that I’ve learned in the past couple of months of starting my career! 

Hope they were helpful for my fellow new graduates. 


Until next time, 

Angel Zheng