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In a recent PR package, I received the NIVEA 2-in-1 Moisturizing Primer to test out. I’ve been entertaining the idea of trying a primer that doubles as a moisturizer, but with my dry skin, I typically don’t need to use a primer to help with the longevity of my make up. So did I really want to splurge on a high-end moisturizing primer? NO. 

Thankfully, not only is this primer good (read why below) it’s also a drugstore brand with a drugstore price. Sitting at $10.99, this baby will not make a dent in your wallet at the expense of quality. 

First Impression

My initial impression on this wasn’t the best. I first tried to use it as a stand-alone moisturizer. Although the packaging says dry to sensitive skin, I found that it still wasn’t enough for my dry skin. So on my second go, I took it for what it is, a moisturizing PRIMER and not a moisturizer, and used a light moisturizer before I applied the NIVEA primer. 

I actually loved this method because the NIVEA 2-in-1 on top of my daily moisturizer ensured that there were dry spots on my face that make up could cling on. I am extra generous with this product in my trouble areas, which are my nose, under-eye, forehead, and chin. I can’t really tell you whether or not this helped my makeup stay on longer, but it definitely helped products glide on smoother. And really that’s all I needed in a primer!


I LOVE the scent of this primer. It reminds me of some classic Nivea products that my mom used in the past so part of the reason is definitely nostalgia. The scent is decently strong and almost perfumey so if you’re someone who’s very sensitive to scents this may not be the product for you. 


The consistency of the Nivea primer is a really light, almost whipped, gel formula. It stays true to its marketing and is extremely quick-absorbing. Despite this, a little bit of this product goes a LONG way. I’ve been using it for about a month now and I’ve barely made a dent. My skin is very used to using thicker, creamier moisturizers and oils so that may also be why I didn’t find this product great as a stand-alone. 

Overall, I think this product is worth trying if you are looking for a cheap alternative to a moisturizing primer. No, it did not work as a stand-alone moisturizer for me but I think it will for people with normal skin types. It is something quick and light that normal skin types can throw on before makeup to make the application process go a little smoother. 

Makeup glides on top of this product easily due to the light consistency and quick-absorbency. It does leave a slightly tacky base after application so I think there is a chance that it can prolong your makeup. I haven’t noticed a dramatic enough of a difference that I would say this works well as a primer alone—but since it is in the “2-in-1” category, I think it’s great. 

I think I will actually repurchase this product after I am through with it because, in my opinion, the extra moisture is worth the $10.99 price tag. You can purchase the primer at your local London Drugs. They also have a version for normal skin! But I think the “dry and sensitive” version would be great for normal skin as well. 

Have you tried the Nivea Moisturizing Primer? What were your thoughts?

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