This past weekend two of my best friends and I planned a girls’ trip to Seattle since we all had a Sunday off. I’ve gone down to Seattle multiple times before but never really had the chance to explore. Seattle has always just been a city to shop in. Since the Canadian dollar is low we decided to leave shopping out of our activity list and explore the hip city centre instead. A Seattle trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Pike Place Market. I’ve been in the area before (mostly to eat Crab Pot) but never really had the opportunity to browse the public market. Filled with flowers, artisan soaps, foods, and other goodies, I’m glad we allocated enough time to walk through the entire market. 

My favourite section of the market was definitely the flowers. There is just something about buying or receiving flowers that gives me so much joy. We walked until we each found a bouquet of flowers that we loved and treated ourselves a bouquet each. My choice of bouquets? Anything with blue or purple hydrangeas. They’ve been my favourite flowers as a kid and to this day I still adore them. Other than the flower market, Post Alley was another mandatory spot to visit to try the infamous Pike Place chowder. I can confirm that it was well worth the hype! The only advice that I have is to get the full-size soup with bread on the side rather than buying a bread bowl if you’re sharing. The bread bowl is definitely more of a novelty and isn’t worth it in my opinion. It only held a small amount of soup and why would you ever want less soup? How GORGEOUS is the Flow Away dress by Tobi by the way? Something I would want to wear while exploring Mykonos, Greece. But since that plan is still a while away, I have settled for wandering the streets of Seattle. I paired it with my De Bray backpack from Aritzia, which by the way is currently ON SALE. I matched the brown detailing on my bag with brown leather slides from Steve Madden.  We ended our Pike Place visit with a walk down the pier where the Seattle Great Wheel was located. I wish we gave ourselves a little more time to spend by the water.

Seattle is surrounded by water and on a cloudless day, it’s hard to tell where the sky ends and the water begins. Next time I have the chance to visit Seattle I will definitely plan at least one meal by the water (Crabpot anyone?).  

Until then,