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Weeeeooo, I get so excited for Foodie Fridays. This week’s Foodie Friday feature is a short one about Red Umbrella Cafe on Davie street. I’ve actually been to this cafe for brunch twice now. And having loved it both times, I think it definitely deserves a Foodie Friday feature.

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Red Umbrella Cafe is on the North-West (HA, Kimye) corner of Bidwell and Davie, down close to english bay. It’s this adorable little cafe that actually boasts quite an impressive brunch menu. This place is decorated very simply, but beautifully, with barn-feel, reclaimed wood tables, and Eames DSW chairs. Two of their walls are actually covered with chalkboard paint, and on it shows all the food on their menu. They also have pastries and other little breakfast items that are ready to go if you don’t have time to sit down.

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I ordered the eggs benedict both times that I’ve visited, but I also shared a grilled sandwich with Ryan the second time, so that I could tell you guys about it.

So let’s start off with the classic eggs bennie. I always order bennies when I eat brunch, partially because it’s my favourite thing to eat EVER, and partially because I like to try benedicts from different places to compare. The one here was pretty great. Very typical eggs benedict. However, their english muffin is quite crumble-y and very buttery. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I liked that about it. It definitely added to the taste, but I think I love my classic eggs benedict muffins a little too much. Also, at times it seemed almost a little TOO buttery (if that’s even possible) for my taste. I can see some people really loving the little twist, but I don’t know if that part of it was really for me. The hash brown potatoes that they served with it was absolutely delicious though. It was lightly seasoned and topped off with green onions. The seasoning definitely gives a little extra kick of flavour which everyone at the table enjoyed immensely.

The second time around, I actually ordered the Red Umbrella eggs bennie, which is a class ham eggs bennie with mushrooms and bacon added as well. Also pretty delicious, but I don’t think that it was really worth the extra money. I don’t know whether it’s just because, like I said above, I love my classic eggs benedicts a little too much, or what… But I just didn’t really think the Red Umbrella signature was anything special.

Oooo, BUT, I did add an avocado in it both times, which did make it more delicious.

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The grilled sandwich that I shared with Ryan the second time around, was really something else. It contained grilled chicken, cheese, sun-dried tomato spread, pesto, and tomatoes. Oh my god this was really something else. This sandwich is so great, that I think the next time I visit, I might actually have to abandon my eggs benedict addiction and order this instead. And if you know me, you know that’s a pretty damn big deal. Everything in it just worked so well together, that I almost felt like it was designed just for me. The pesto and the sun-dried tomato spread also worked surprisingly well together, which I wasn’t expecting. But I loved it. And actually the more I look at these photos while I’m editing this post, the more I want to bus down to davie right now just to eat it….

The sandwich came with scrambled eggs. You could choose to have your eggs a different way if you wanted to.

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Okay but seriously though…… How amazing does this look.

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For drinks, Ryan ordered the mocha, shown here, and I ordered the vanilla milkshake. Unfortunately, I pretty much downed the milkshake as soon as it arrived, so I didn’t get to take picture. But let me just say, it was freakin’ amazing. Definitely one of the better milkshakes I’ve had in a while.

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I’m actually going to end this post with this beauty. This is what Ryan likes to call “the holy trinity”, and what I think is much-needed at every brunch meal you eat. Here are the three red sauces that I will eat with EVERYTHING at brunch. Ketchup, Sriracha, and Frank’s. Ermergerd. Unbelievably good.

Overall, I would pretty much recommend Red Umbrella Cafe to anyone looking for a new place to brunch. Pretty much everything on the menu was under $15 and looked delicious. The Vibe of this cafe was quiet, quirky, and had a hipster yet very neighbourhood cafe feel to it. I am most definitely going to come again (probably for that sandwich). It is a great little breakfast place that is open very early !

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a website but I will link their yelp page and urbanspoon page here.

Their address is

1707 Davie Street.

(604) 688-7818

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Until next week my food lovers,

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