So I wanted to share with you guys a website that I am currently doing a summer clothing collaboration with! The website is called Rose Wholesale and it’s an online clothing/accessories retailer that sells SUPER affordable pieces. As I’ve mentioned before, I like finding these kinds of sites to buy fashionable/trendy pieces from because I am not one who likes dropping hundreds of dollars on items that will only be ‘stylish’ for one season (nor can I afford to!). So whenever I find retailers where I can buy on-trend items without breaking the bank, I am ALL for it.

With these websites I know its a total hit-or-miss sometimes but my best advice for you if you’re wanting to give it a try is to READ THE CUSTOMER REVIEWS. A lot of the times, the popular items will have customer reviews that include sizes, measurements and photos. So DEFINITELY 100% check those reviews before purchasing any items online to make sure you won’t be surprised with the item you’re receiving.

Okay now on to the fun part!

I’ve put together a little wishlist of mine of items that I would buy from Rose Wholesale  to show you guys some of the trendy items that they carry! Also, stay tuned for the coupon code that they provided me to give to you guys incase you wanted to purchase any of the items!


1. A-Line denim skirt

I have seen these EVERYWHERE  in the blogosphere lately and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one for a while now. But it seems like everywhere I go it’s either more than I’m willing to spend or they don’t have my size. This one is really great, I love the wash of the denim and it’s only $13.09! (P.S. I ordered this one myself so keep your eyes peeled for the OOTD!)


2. Circular beach towels

ABSOLUTELY LOVE. Whoever thought of these, I applaud you. Circular towels are just so much cuter than the standard rectangular towels. But I’ve seen other retailers price these at $60 or more!! LIKE WHAT?! I am not about to pay that much for a freakin towel. Thankfully this one is 0nly $7.90. Definitely going to cop one. Or three.


3. Denim Overalls

Needless to say, I am SUPER thankful that these are back in style because HELLO! easiest outfit EVER. Not to mention under $20 here!


4. Chokers

I never thougth I’d get into this (always thought it was a little too ‘gothic’) BUT I AM OBSESSED. Sometimes my outfits feel BARE without one now! And this is yet another perfect example of something I DON’T want to pay a lot of money for. Like $30+ for a piece of ribbon or string? No thank you. Thankfully RW has me covered in this category. They have SO many different ones and all for less than $10 (most even under $5!). So you’re welcome. Go wild.

So there you have it! I have actually ordered a bunch of items from RW so I can give you guys a further in-depth review on their clothing when it all arrives. But for now! Here’s a coupon code!


This coupon code will allow you 6% off your purchase when you spend over $50.00 or 15% off when you spend over $100.

Or if that doesn’t work for you here are some more coupon codes that they offer!

Hope this was informative for yall!

More soon,