Been thinking about ordering a few affordable fall pieces online lately. Been seeing lots of different styles and textures on Pinterest and it’s definitely been haunting me (and my wallet) a little. So I thought I would take a look online and see if I can find some new fall outfit inspos and I did! So thought I would share.  


Yeezy anyone? Rather than spending over a grand on a distressed piece from the Yeezy line, just pick up this grey distressed sweater dress for US $29.99. I would wear this with a black bomber and black thigh-high boots for that certified Kimye look. Or opt for a light-coloured bootie and leather for a more casual fall look. 


I know this is definitely not your typical “fall” clothing item BUT I LOVE IT. This faux-velvet body suit makes all my 90s baby spice outfit dreams come true. I think this would pair amazingly with some mid/high-rise denim, and a slick leather moto. And then tie it all together with a cute black choker? DONE. 

Oh did I mention this bad girl is US $11.99??!??!?!?!?


For some reason my style has been leaning more towards the casual side lately. Maybe its because school is finally getting to me, or maybe it’s because it’s actually started to get COLD here in Vancouver (which means no more skirts and thin, trendy pieces). But lately I’ve been collecting flannels, bombers, hoodies, and fleece lately. 

One style I’ve been rocking is the cropped hoodies. I thought this would be a great addition to my current collection as this black one is a little longer than those mid-drift exposing ones that I’m seeing in stores right now. I know sometimes it’s a hit or miss with buying fleecey clothing online because you can’t tell whether it’s actually going to be thick and warm or not. But if I end up keeping this one in my cart I will definitely let you guys know. This hoodie is US$15.99 so honestly even if it was slightly thinner than expected I wouldn’t even be mad. 


The choker look took the fashion world by storm and I definitely admit to hopping on to the bandwagon. I didn’t really get to explore that style when we were actually in the 90s (I was still a toddler back then) so I’m definitely glad the style has made its way back around. This grey sweater is a great play on that feature without being so blatantly “trendy”. The large cutout at the neckline gives it that “fake choker” look which I think could look really cute. I like how this simple detail adds something so interesting and different to look at. 

You can cop this sweater for US $19.99!


This cut out sweater really caught my eye. This peice is a great representation of exactly the sort of stuff I look for when I buy items from websites like Sheinside. I try to look for items that are really trendy and out-there but still are super affordable in price. Like I’ve said before, I mostly buy from these websites for the style and not for the quality. I purely want to experiment with different looks and may not necessarily think that I’ll still love these pieces next fall. Don’t get me wrong, there are actually loads of basics on Sheinside that I could definitely love for years to come, but that’s not what I tend to look for shopping online. Anyways, this sweater costs US $21.99 (LIKE COME ON WOW) and I think I might have to give it a try. Like the grey sweater above, it gives off that “choker” look but is actually a large cutout by the neckline. The zippers on the sleeve is definitely a hit or miss I think but I like how it gives the sweater an edgier look. And for 20 bucks you can’t really go wrong.  

And that’s my current fall-trends wishlist! Let me know if you guys like these posts and maybe I’ll do some more! My student budget doesn’t always allow me to constantly stay on top of the trends so I think this is a great way to 1) share some affordable options with you guys and 2) share some outfit inspos!

More soon,