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Does anyone else go through phases with their style? Lately I’ve been a little attached to the preppiness of trousers and little sweaters. I definitely think it has to do with school and applying for internships. Been feeling more like an adult lately and my clothes have definitely been mirroring that.


Accessories that I’ve been wearing every single day has been my Daniel Wellington watch and cuff. My Hermes bangle used to be my only daily accessory but I’ve since added these two pieces and haven’t had a reason to stop yet. They’ve been the perfect addition to my outfits no matter what style I’m feeling that day. Not to mention they DEFINITELY help with me feeling like an adult. There’s something about checking the time on a watch that just feels so much more satisfying than glancing at your phone.

DW has been kind enough to provide me with a discount code for you guys! You can use the code “speakoftheangel” for 15% off your next order. They’re currently doing a promo where you receive a free a free leather cardholder with the purchase of a watch and cuff. And the best part is, you can use my promo code on top of that! Which means 15% off AND a free leather cardholder!

Also, if you were wondering, my sweater is from Nordstrom and pants are the Jimmy pants from Aritzia!

Alrighty, back to school work.

Until next time,