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The Flying Pig

Another food adventure with Megan. I know I’m super late on the bandwagon for this one, but I finally tried the Flying Pig for the first time !

We went to their Yaletown location, after we checked out the Warhol Exhibition.

The Flying Pig

I wish I could tell you what I got, but I honestly just ordered the special of the day which happened to be a pasta ! I think it had mushroom and either braised beef or pork, or some chicken meat in it (I completely forget ):) BUT , either way, it was SOOOO GOOOD.

My first experience here was definitely a good one though. The service was great, the food came fast, and not to mention tasted like perfection. The vibe was great as well, and I just loved Flying Pig overall. Would definitely recommend !

The Flying Pig The Flying Pig

More soon,

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