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I never realized how sheltered my tastebuds were until I had food in Vegas. Vancouver is an amazing place to live if you like food. The diversity in Vancouver alone makes the good food options endless. But after having some of the most popular foods in Vegas my perspective on how great Vancouver really is has changed.

As promised, I am dedicating an entire post just to the amazing food that I got to try during my Weekend trip to Vegas! 

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

Wolfgang Puck was on of the first meals that I had in Vegas. Throughout the trip we actually ate there twice, once on our first night there and once for lunch on our third day. 

On the first night, we ate Wolfgang after a loaded night at Porter Robinson at Hakkasan. Which means we were having this amazing food at 4 am in the morning. We had the Italian Sausage Pizza which had Crème Fraiche, Mozzarella, Red Onion, Fresno Chilies, Baby Spinach and we added Pepperoni. We also ordered an Eggs Benedict because in my mind it was technically morning and I love me a good eggs benny. 

The pizza was absolutely AMAZING. It was probably the reason we decided to eat there again later that weekend. The highlight was definitely the italian sausage. BEST. ITALIAN SAUSAGE. EVER. I don’t know how or what, but it was the most flavourful bites of sausage I’ve ever had on a pizza. 

The second time we ate there we shared the Pepperoni pizza which features San Marzano Tomatoes, Red Onions, Fresh Oregano. And of course we had to add the italian sausage to it. The highlight of this pizza was surprisingly the San Marzano tomatoes. It made each bite flavourful and juicy and I think the taste brought the ingredients together perfectly. 

Gordon Ramsey Burger

Our second meal in glorious Las Vegas was Ramsey Burger. We had their Hellfire Wings and Truffle Fries to start along with their Creme Brulee Orea Milkshake. In my honest opinion, the wings were a little disappointing. They weren’t very hot and nor did they stand out to me at all. BUT their truffle fries definitely made up for that disappointed as they were BOMB. 

We shared their Hells Kitchen Burger which features Asadero Cheese, Roasted Jalapenos, Avocados, Roasted Tomatoes, and a Jalapeno Pesto Aioli. Their burger was EXQUISITE. We weren’t quite hungry at that point (probably because of our hefty 4 am meal the night before) so we just ended up sharing one burger. Their patty was juicy and fresh and the flavours were rich and delicious. 

StripSteak at Mandalay Bay

Oh my f*cking GOD. Stripsteak was the most luxurious and delicious meal I had on this entire trip and we had some DAMN good food all throughout. I have never in my life had better steak. Or steak that even came CLOSE to the mouth-watering tender marbled goodness of their Prime Creekstone Dry Aged Rib Eye. Really makes me doubt how I’ll ever eat non-dry-aged steak again. And even if I somehow find a place in Vancouver that serves it, will it taste as good? PROBABLY NOT. 

We ordered their America’s Best Oysters and Wagyu Fillet Tartare to start. The beef tartare wasn’t really my cup of tea. It featured basil pesto, truffle potato foam, russet potato chips. I kept tasting mustard or horseradish in the dish, which I hate, so that might have ruined the dish for me. 

Their fries might actually have been a huge highlight of the meal for me. The fries comes on a platter of three which features garlic fries, truffle fries, and another one which I can’t for the life of me remember. Garlic fries were hands down my favourite of the three. We also ordered their Brocolini side which was phenomenal as well. 

He ordered the World Wide Wagyu tasting plate which showcases three different Wagyus from around the world. The Japanese A5 NY Strip was our favourite, and stood up against our beloved dry-aged rib eye quite well. The other two, the American Rib Cap, and the Australian Short Rib were both amazing as well. But still the Japanese A5 and Dry-Aged Rib Eye blew them out of the park. 

District One Kitchen & Bar 

District One was something we found on the internet but we were both super glad we left the strip to try it out. They are a Asian fusion restaurant that features Vietnamese flavours. We were drawn in from a photo of their lobstor pho. We knew we had to give it a try. We had their Surf and Turf pho which featured half a lobster as well as rib eye steak. How ridiculous does that sound. Going into it we suspected that this place was popular mainly for the novelty of lobster in pho rather than for the taste but boy were we wrong. The soup was authentic and amazing and surprisingly it paired really well with the lobster and steak combo. We also ordered the big bone soup and OH MAN is it big. I’ve never been the biggest fan of bone marrow but I have definitely been converted. It was impressive how tasty the bone marrow, fat, and fall-off-the-bone meat was with the classic Vietnamese pho soup.

We have some good pho in Vancouver but damn we were both impressed.  

I’ve also developed a love for oysters during my trip to Vegas. Maybe I’ve just never really tried to enjoy them now I’m realizing that I’ve been missing out. I’ve got an oyster date with a friend in a couple of days :3 Just couldn’t stay away.    


Hakkasan is an international restaurant that has received Michelin stars at some of its other locations. If you look at their list of accolades, it’s long but well-deserved. They serve traditional cantonese/chinese food with the ever so slight twist. Although their menu and options were endless, we decided to eat quite simply as neither of us could fit another feast into our tummies. We had the Gai Lan in Garlic sauce, which can I note is the BEST DAMN GAI LAN I HAVE EVER TASTED. And I’m chinese. I’ve eaten a lot of gai lan in my time. I don’t know what about it makes it so good but I’m suspecting that they just have some top-tier veges imported from god knows where. We also ordered their hakka noodles and their steamed dimsum platter. The dim sum included har gau, scallop shumai, Chinese chive dumpling, and black pepper duck dumpling. The presentation was great but I’m thankful that the taste did not stray from what traditional dim sum tastes like. I apologize for my shitty photos by the way. I was honestly too busy stuffing my face to care about trying to take a proper photo (oops!).   Last but not least we tried their Caramel Passion which featured passion fruit tapioca, chocolate cremeux, and salted caramel ice cream. I swear it had a lot more fancy ingredients than that but those are what’s listed on the menu and that’s really the only way I can remember. We also tried their Yuzu Panna Cotta which has a raspberry compote, tahitian vanilla madeleines, raspberry sorbet, and seasonal fruit. Probably wasn’t a good idea to eat these two desserts together because the Caramel Passion made the Panna Cotta really sour. But they were both delicious nonetheless. 

And that wraps up my Vegas food journey. 

All I can think about everyday is the food honestly. I’ve been eating my way around Vancouver trying to chase those flavours. No luck so far. I found a place that serves a 30-day dry aged steak which I think I’ll go try soon. GOD I want to go back so bad. 

I hope you enjoyed my food post! I’m going to go make myself some food now cause writing this up made me HANGRY AF. 

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Until next time,