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I apologize for the lack of content lately. I started at my new job as a sales associate at Aritzia, and work has been consuming me. Worked 35 hours this week, and next week is going to be 40. I barely have time to take a breath, much less go out to eat, explore, or take ootds. 

Fortunately, it was still semi-bright outside after closing, and with the help of the contrast and brightness adjustment through VSCO cam, I was able to get a few good pictures of what I wore to work today. 

Funny thing is, if this happened yesterday, or the day before, my outfit would’ve been much more interesting. But since it’s Sunday, and I’m tired as shit, here’s a boring little #workfit for you. 

They weren’t kidding when they said they would max out my hours for the first two weeks. And then of course, following my two weeks, is “JC” (June Clientele) which is busy season for Aritzia sooooooooooo… pretty much I’m screwed. Should’ve definitely thought my availability through a little more carefully. Not sure if I can handle all this work….

BUT ! at least it pays well. 

More soon, 

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