I finally caved and got sucked into the wrap skirt trend! I was hesitant for a while because I hadn’t really found one that fits me the way I want. Most that I saw were either a little too long, a little too short, or just was not flattering for my narrow hips. 

I fell in love with this one because of the simplicity of it as well as the jersey fabric that seems to hug me in all the right places. I like that the extra fabric on the sides makes it look like I have hips, and the elastic band waist cinches me in at the waist. Not to mention the thin t-shirt material is extremely comfortable and breathable for the summer time 😻

I definitely see myself rocking this skirt a lot more this summer, especially with the mini heat waves we’ve been experiencing. Can’t wait to see what other pieces Bench comes out with for the summer!

Caught up with some olds friends, made some new (doggy) friends, ate pasta, and had ice cream for dessert. Can you think of a more perfect summer day? 

How was your Tuesday?