Every year when summer is ending and fall is beginning I always think to myself “this year I will wear a lot of skirts”. I love fall outfits that feature different skirts (a-line, leather, suede…<3) and constantly want to adopt those skirts into my cold weather wardrobe. However, as soon as the cold actually hits, skirts are pretty much the last thing I want to consider when picking what to wear in the morning! Thankfully we’ve still had some semi-not freezing days so I was able to bring out my Wilfred Free skirt from Aritzia for one last hurray before I stash it away for the winter. img_8450img_8428 untitled-2img_8431 img_8421 img_8420 untitled-3

This corduroy skirt quickly became one of my favourite pieces in my fall wardrobe. I love the neutral brown-ish green colour with the vintage looking buttons. It fits better than other a-line skirts that I’ve seen from other stores. I find that it’s actually really flattering around the bum area and is not too tight but not too flared. The only bone that I have to pick with this skirt is the length! It is quite a short skirt, but as long as you’re not wearing it to a business meeting you’re good to go! As I’ve mentioned before, cropped sweaters are another trendy fall piece that I’ve been obsessed with this season. This really nice scalloped-hem sweater is also from Aritzia and I think it pairs perfectly with this skirt. I had to size up two sizes for this sweater (bought a medium) because of how tight and cropped it is. But I think the medium is a perfect fit for me! It’s the perfect amount of loose and cuddly but also cropped and trendy. I’ll definitely be repeating this outfit a bunch this fall whenever I have the need to dress up.  Threw on tights because it was chilly still outside but also because it made me feel like Blair from Gossip Girl. 

img_8423 I’ve just finished my midterms week (FINALLY) which is the reason I’ve been slacking on the blogposts. But I’m back! And ready to get shit done. So keep your eyes peeled for more outfit posts soon! 

Hope you guys are having a great Monday. 

Until next time,