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This past weekend, I took a mini vacation up to Pemberton and Sloquet hot springs. The initial plan was actually just to go to Harrison for a night to chillax and refresh for the upcoming weeks. But the idea of going somewhere less touristy came up so we packed our bags and off we went! Before this trip I’ve actually surprisingly never heard of Sloquet hot springs. I’ve heard a little about the Keyhole hot springs near whistler but never of Sloquet. Just a few google and Instagram searches later, we booked an airbnb in Pemberton and decided it would be a great little getaway. 


The drive was slightly unnerving I’m not going to lie. Taking the highway from Vancouver to Pemberton was easy and took us just under 2 hours. However, from Pemberton to Sloquet is a different story. To get to Sloquet you have to travel on a rocky service road for over 40 kms. You really don’t think about how this is going to be a problem unless you’ve actually done it. In a little Yaris. Thankfully my roadtrip date was awesome and maneuvered around the potholes expertly. I definitely don’t think I could’ve got us through it as gracefully (thanks dude ;)). I’ll link the directions as well as a little more information about Sloquet here. If you live in BC consider it for your next adventure. Sloquet was more than worth the drive. I’m also embedding the charming Airbnb that we stayed down below. It was a beautiful little loft-style cabin in Pemberton. 11/10 would stay there again (Y). 

Bright free standing loft apartment

Pemberton, BC, Canada

Free standing loft apartment on four acre property, chalet style with a large great room, one queen size bedroom and two single beds in mezzanine loft. Partial kitchen, one bathroom with shower,…

img_0580 img_9806

The hot spring itself was absolutely stunning. It’s starts with a small waterfall of natural steaming water that leads to several man-made holes that you can tell was probably one big pool at one point. The pools are separated in such a way so that the pools closest to the streaming river nearby are the least hot and the ones closest to the waterfall are the hottest. The pools are pretty shallow so you have to lie down to get your entire body underwater. But it was absolutely amazing. Surrounded by nature and so remote… Really gives you the opportunity to just take a step back from everything that’s happening in life and just … relax. 

It was actually raining when we went and although it would’ve been beautiful in a sunny setting as well, it definitely made the whole experience a lot more special. The feeling of the cold crisp air and raindrops on your skin while you’re sitting in a hot spring pool is absolutely perfect. 

Oh and did I mention there’s no cell service pretty much as soon as you get onto the service road? This trip was a great way to just unplug from the world a little. 

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Doesn’t hurt if your travel buddy doesn’t mind helping you snap a few pics when you’re there. The location was a dream and definitely somewhere I want a few pictures of to remember forever. Not to mention I’ve got to share it with you guys DUH. 

I’m really glad I decided to go on this spontaneous little adventure. It was much-needed with school pounding down on us hard this fall/winter. It’s also left me feeling really motivated to go on more micro-adventures! It didn’t cost a lot but was worth so much. Definitely a trip that didn’t exceed my student budget too much. Not to mention the awesome content for the blog is a huge bonus ;). 

I’m going to leave you guys with a great little article written by the Travelettes about micro-adventures and finding time in your busy schedule to relax. I’ve been following their posts recently and it has definitely given me some serious travel cravings so check them out for adventure-inspo. 

Until next time, 


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