This is a place I’ve passed by countless times yet only recently actually visited. I used to live in the Kitsilano area when I was younger, and I used to pass by this little place all the time. But now that I actually make my own money, I can actually afford to buy as much coffee as my little heart desires.

I was actually cafe hopping one rainy spring day and decided to give this one ago. I didn’t actually get to try their coffee (I already had two in two hours at the previous cafe and I would’ve probably been bouncing off the walls if I had anymore) but I did try their Matcha Latte.


I don’t know if you’ve read my previous Vancouver Cafe Crawl post (I wrote about 49th Parallel), but I have quite the sweet tooth, meaning I enjoy my beverages quite sweet. I think the Matcha Latte here would have been absolutely fantastic for anyone who truly loves the natural bitter taste of good matcha, but I definitely had to add some honey to my drink before I could enjoy it. It was really delicious though, once I sweetened it up.


One of my favourite features about Arbutus Coffee is just how it looks. It sits on the corner of Arbutus st. and W6th Ave. and looks like the most welcoming, quaint, and home-y little gem ever (reference the first photo !). It actually reminds me quite a bit of one of my other hidden gem cafes in Vancouver, Marche St. George (next time I visit there, I’ll take some photos for you guys), in the sense that it nestles in a neighbourhood area rather than being located on a main road.

The inside of Arbutus Coffee is warm and woodsy. It was the perfect vibe for gloomy day. Not to mention they were playing GREAT music. It was obviously one of the employee’s playlist because it was a great mix of tropical/deep house and popular music.

I would recommend this place 100% purely just for the vibe it gives off. The staff were all very friendly, and the interior was just perfection. Like I said, I visited on a typical raincouver day, but I think this would be a great place to come to even on a warm sunny one. They have tables set up outside for the good days.

let me know if you’ve been to Arbutus Coffee and what you thought about it ! or if you have any suggestions of cool coffee houses to visit in Vancouver for my next Cafe Crawl destination please fire away ! 

More soon,

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