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Here’s to the start of a new series that Vernice and I decided to start on our Youtube channels ! We are both lovers of food so we thought of this great idea to add cooking videos to our channels. They aren’t going to be weekly videos because of the amount of time we need to prepare and set aside to film and edit these videos (pretty much an entire day) and we are both busy with school, work, and social media. BUT hopefully we can do this at least once a month as a special video that’s a little (or actually A LOT) different from the content we usually produce.

For our first Catty Kitchen episode, we made roasted chicken, potatoes, and an avocado dish for dinner. We looked for recipes online and we found this one (roasted chicken) and this one (avocado). As for the baked potatoes, I took used an easy recipe that I thought of myself. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’2′]IMG_1066IMG_4451 IMG_4449 IMG_4447 IMG_4446 IMG_4444 IMG_4443

And voila! If you want to just recreate the dishes yourselves, all the recipes are included in this post. Or you could follow along with us in our video. Hope you guys enjoy watching this video as much as we enjoy creating it! I would definitely recommend doing this with a friend so you can share the cooking load as well as food after (: 

I’ll also leave you guys with Vernice’s links incase you wanted to check her out on Youtube and Instagram. She’s got an awesome feed. 




If you guys have any recommendations or recipes you want to see made, leave us a comment on this post or on the video! OR go ahead and tweet me. 

Until next time, 


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